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Jennifer Temps is a Women Owned Business Enterprise/Minority-Owned Business Enterprise certified, full-service staffing agency that provides qualified temporary employees for an array of industries.

These industries include hospitality, legal, information technology, customer service and administration.

Established in 1992, Jennifer Temps meets the need for dependable, knowledgeable and qualified support staff and administrative office personnel.

True to our company vision, we have been providing superior, cost-effective staffing solutions for Fortune 500 companies, small business enterprises, municipalities and educational institutions throughout the Greater New York Area since our inception. Due to our success, in 2001, Jennifer Temps, Inc. opened offices in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jennifer Temps, Inc. has an unparalleled reputation for excellence and service. We owe our success to recruiting talented candidates, retaining our high quality associates and maintaining and nurturing successful client relationships. Our unique process of proactive recruiting, screening and training allows us to successfully meet the growing need for a supplemental workforce.

A note from Jennifer

In 1992, after graduating from business school, I recognized that the staffing industry afforded an outstanding opportunity for me to become an entrepreneur. And equally important, as a minority entrepreneur in this industry, I would have a chance to make a significant contribution to my community by creating jobs. My vision was clear: I wanted Jennifer Temps to distinguish itself as a company with a sterling reputation for performance and a unwavering commitment to its clients and employees. I began by building business, civic and community relationships that could generate a pipeline of capable, responsible and reliable candidates who would feel accountable because they of how they had been referred. And then my job would be get them to develop a sense of commitment to what we see as the Jennifer Temps family.

Our approach worked and we are fortunate to have developed a database of thousands of associates who have worked for us consistently over decades and who are a resource for the best kind of recruiting – personal referrals.

Now, 29 years later, we are proud that we never wavered from our approach. With offices in New York City and Charlotte, N.C., we have long term corporate, governmental and not-for-profit clients who reward our performance with ongoing assignments and we have employees who appreciate our “personal touch” and the recognition we give them through an incentive program that encourages top performance.

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NY office: 212-964-TEMP / NC office: 704-510-1556




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